Friday, 1 May 2009




SER structural experimental research

As the name suggests SER is the outcome of an experimental research to develop 3D structures. Combining structural awareness and the application of advanced, visionary OLED technology, SER´s design represents aesthically simplified technology: the structure is the material, the material is the light.

Through the combination of abstract 2D precedents a pattern was created, that when translated into a 3D structure optimised the static properties of normally weak materials, enhancing them also aesthetically.

In the following pages we propose three scenarios and implementations of SER, using specially predicted future dates and prognosticating advances in nano-technology and moving from energy supply to energy harvesting.

2012 _ end of the world (as we know it)

OLED printing technology is used to manufacture these structures. Reduced energy consumption in both the amount of material used as well as in the amount which OLEDS themselves need results in green strategic design.

2020 _ global eradication of poverty

Motivated by the replacement of the light bulb throughout the European Union, striving at the same time to meet ecological demands and wanting to incorporate European technological advancements, SER is a near-future alternative which proposes a new understanding of illumination.

A plug sends radio frequencies to the light, in which RF-id sensors turn this into energy to power the OLED. Wireless lamps loose specific placement within the home and so a new relationship to light is gained and understood.

2050 _ end of raw oil era / natural closing of the ozone layer

By applying of RFID and nano-sensor technology, the light source becomes an autonomous object, feeding from its surrounding environment: radio frequencies emitted by man-made objects - essentially *free*”energy.

SER´s light kindles associations to nature through its organic geometry.

Epilogue _ Bio energy harvesting

Goal: to create objects which are powered via energy generated by living organisms.



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