Saturday, 6 February 2010

Maitee @ ViennaDesignWeek Review party

Matt and glossy on the surface,
Hot and cold through its alternating double and single walls,
Maitee is a tea cup that embraces duality.
For the Vienna Design Weeks Review `One Night Stand` party on the 16th Dezember 2009, at Hollman´s Beletage Hotel in Vienna´s 1st District,
Talia Radford for taliaYsebastian presented the tea cup Maitee as part of her installation `Love and scandal are the best sweetners of tea`. Room 23 was spinrkled with the full range of colours form the first series of Maitee, accompanied by objects of curiosity and an illustrated look-book of diverse world tea cultures.
Thanks: Porcelain production: Silviia Siegl,
Juan Sebastian Gomez, Neigungsgruppe Design,
Photo: kollektiv fischka/, Photo: Mariano Margarit